This entire game, including its characters and events, are fictitious and for educational purposes only. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. Teal Ocean strives to avoid any negative depictions or stereotypes of people or cultures but cannot guarantee a complete absence of human bias and judgment. Teal Ocean is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion, and raising awareness around unconscious bias.

At Sea

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During this first adventure, you will learn how to navigate the game. You will meet your crew and get to know your ship, the Aquamarina.

Over the course of four chapters, you’ll learn about team development as well as behavioral preferences and how these preferences influence communication, conflict, recognition and feedback.


Be mindful how you introduce yourself and how you engage with the crew. What behaviors, questions and leadership style might be most helpful as you form a new team? How can you build as much trust as possible with each crew member to ensure a stable basis for your time at sea?


The crew is experiencing tension. How can you help them resolve the conflict? Should you step in? Or delegate responsibility more often? How do you provide enough guidance and encouragement for your crew to grow together as a team when the going gets tough?


During this phase of the journey, you may want to improve the effectiveness of the crew by assessing the strengths and development needs of your team members. Consider how they each react differently to your decisions and actions. How do you best give feedback to people with diverse styles?


You want to apply coaching leadership to increase team performance. When is it appropriate and how do you do it effectively? How do you recognize and appreciate people with different social styles? Do you know everyone’s behavioral preferences by now? Has your leadership evolved so far?

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