This entire game, including its characters and events, are fictitious and for educational purposes only. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. Teal Ocean strives to avoid any negative depictions or stereotypes of people or cultures but cannot guarantee a complete absence of human bias and judgment. Teal Ocean is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion, and raising awareness around unconscious bias.

Resilience Range

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As the Captain of the Aquamarina, you are going to embark on a solo adventure in the mountains known as Resilience Range. Over the course of four chapters, you are going to climb different peaks to see if you can get a glimpse of the Teal Ocean from higher up.

For each climb, you will choose a path and the equipment to take with you. Following the planning phase, you will experience a day in the mountains facing unforeseen challenges that must be navigated successfully. How you deal with them will impact your energy level. At the end of the day, you will reflect on your actions and decisions together with Klaus, your Mountain Guide.


The first peak will test your choice of equipment, including food and beverage supplies, and how you manage your physical energy throughout the excursion. Be mindful of which path requires what type of gear for a safe return. How do you ensure proper food intake and hydration to maintain your energy? When is it advisable to rest for recovery not to exhaust yourself?


The second mountain presents you with a variety of threats that challenge your mental resilience in the face of adversity and complications. Do you know how to assess risk effectively? How do you respond to unexpected obstacles, retreat to safety and recalibrate your plan? Can you solve a problem on your own or is it wiser to call for help?


The third summit will put your emotional balance to the test. Are you aware and in control of your emotions at all times? Or do you get hijacked by your brain’s auto-response? Do you fight, flee or freeze in the face of danger? And how do you regain power over your emotions and engage your brain in logical thinking when things don’t go as planned?


The last peak will put your entire adventure into perspective by confronting you with existential questions around meaning and purpose. You learn about different ways to make peace with the past, look ahead to a bright future and connect to something bigger than yourself. Discover how this affects your energy and impacts your quest for the Teal Ocean.

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