Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the game for?

  • Anybody who wants to improve their leadership qualities in a playful environment

  • Learning professionals looking for a scalable, innovative solution for their organization

  • From graduate level to middle management across all functions and industries

  • People who appreciate a safe learning environment in an online simulation

  • Learners who prefer self-study as opposed to a classroom setting

Why should I play this game?

Because you want to experience a unique blend of leadership skill development and adventure game design that combines playful in-game insights with real-life reflection assignments.

Because you want to learn or embed fundamental leadership qualities at your own pace.

And because you want to have fun while doing that!

What is included in the game?

  • A story-based adventure in which you assume the role of a Captain and lead a team on a ship. You’ll go on a virtual journey at sea and your actions and decisions influence the evolution of your journey.

  • Reflection questions at the end of each level help you transfer your learning from the game to real life.

  • In addition, you get access to resources in a Knowledge Library filled with solid theories, models and concepts underpinning contemporary leadership.

  • A short self-assessment quiz provides a personalized snapshot of your proficiency at the end of each game level.

  • Last but not least, the game also includes a number of secret objects and surprise events that only the savvy player will detect… Enjoy!

How is this game different from other online games?

This is the first ever point-and-click adventure game that has been exclusively designed to develop leadership skills. It was created by a diverse set of leadership experts and covers a variety of scenarios. When you take different decisions or choose other courses of action, you will see different outcomes both for you and your virtual team.

What are the hardware and software requirements to play the game?

  • Desktop, Laptop or Mobile Device

  • Windows, Mac or Linux operating system

  • Internet connection with any major browser

  • Audio enhances the experience but is not mandatory

Do I need to download anything to be able to play?

No, all you need is be connected to the internet.

Can I play the game on any mobile device?

Yes, the game design is responsive and web pages render well on a variety of devices, including display on different screen sizes.

How long does it take to play?

Play time is approximately 30 minutes per level. Each adventure includes three to four levels. This does not take into account the time you might want to spend reflecting on your learning or checking out additional resources in the Knowledge Library.

How many times can I play the game?

You can play the game as many times as you wish while you have a valid access login. For statistical tracking purposes, only your first round of each level is recorded. After you have completed a level or an entire adventure, you can go back and replay it – in fact, we encourage you to do that, so you can explore alternative courses of action and discover all the different outcomes!

What if I detect a bug, an error and have any other kind of feedback I would like to share?

Then we’d love to hear from you! Please send your feedback to:

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