Welcome to the first ever point-and-click adventure game that has been exclusively designed to develop leadership skills. Assume the role of a Captain and lead a team on a ship, taking various decisions that affect your crew on the journey.

As in real life, your actions in the game affect what happens and how your crew members react. But watch out! They each have a distinct set of character traits, expectations and preferences, and it will be a challenge to lead them to become a high performing team…

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During this first adventure, you will learn how to navigate the game. You will meet your crew and get to know your ship,
the Aquamarina.

Over the course of four chapters, you’ll learn about team development as well as behavioral preferences and how these preferences influence communication, conflict, recognition and feedback.


Trouble Typhoon is no adventure for the faint-hearted! So far, you have built strong leadership skills, and now you get to apply them in a crisis.

Throughout three chapters, you will lead your crew aboard the Aquamarina through a storm that puts everyone to the test. Will you make it to the other side, or is your quest doomed to fail?

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As you venture through the mountains of Resilience Range, you will discover different dimensions
of high performance.

Over the course of four chapters, you’ll learn about physical balance, mental balance, emotional balance and spiritual balance.

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<h1 style=”text-align: center;”><span style=”color: #ffffff;”><strong>Changing The World.
One Leader At A Time.</strong></span></h1>

Welcome to the Quest

Starting with a mission to find the Teal Ocean, you’ll go on a virtual journey at sea, where the crew members onboard represent the people you lead in real life. And just like in real life, the people you lead may not always react in the way you had intended or hoped for! At least not until you figure out how each of them ‘ticks’. As you interact with other characters and discover secret objects, your decisions and actions have consequences and influence how the game evolves. As the journey progresses, you’ll discover new adventures, each representing a different leadership theme.

This innovative experience brings together a unique blend of adventure game design and leadership skill development. The game has been created for people who want to learn or embed fundamental leadership qualities at their own pace. “The Legend of the Teal Ocean” combines playful in-game insights with real-life reflection assignments, along with additional resources in a Knowledge Library that direct the player to theories, models and concepts underpinning contemporary leadership. A short self-assessment quiz provides a personalized snapshot of the learner’s proficiency at the end of each game level.

Innovating Corporate Learning & Development


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Carefully developed by a diverse set of leadership experts, “The Legend of the Teal Ocean” covers a variety of scenarios and as you navigate the game you will come across common leadership challenges.

For example, in the first adventure over 4 levels, you will learn about team development and you’ll see how behavioral preferences influence communication, conflict, recognition and feedback. You’ll get a glimpse of the complexity of leadership because there is no ONE ‘correct’ way of leading. When you find out how others might perceive you as a leader, you can then transfer the game learnings to your workplace.

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