This Knowledge Library contains a wealth of resources that can help you navigate not only your adventures as the Captain of the Aquamarina but also your leadership challenges in real life. Take some time to check them out and contact us to dive more deeply into any of the topics!

Creating Effective Teams – A Guide for Members and Leaders

by Susan A. Wheelan, Maria Akerlund, Christian Jacobsson

Forming Storming Norming Performing: Successful Communication in Groups and Teams

by Donald B. Egolf

How To Maximize Team Performance

59 min

How to use the 4 stages for High Performance

by Judith Stein

Chapter I

Leading Better Teams

21 min

Storm To Perform: The 4 Stages of Team Productivity

8 min
by Leah Ryder

The four stages of Tuckman’s Development

5 min
by Online PM Courses - Mike Clayton

Tips on how to smoothly navigate the 4 stages

by Tuckman

Chapter I

5 Conflict Management Skills for Every Manager

8 min
by Emily Hackeling

5 Conflict Management Styles for Every Personality Type

12 min
by Swetha Amaresan

5 styles of conflict

4 min

Building Conflict Competent Teams

by Craig E. Runde

Chapter II

Conflict modes

3 min
by Thomas-Kilmann

The 5 Conflict Styles

5 min

The 7 Principles of Conflict Resolution

by Louisa Weinstein

The Modern Manager

12 min

Chapter II

The importance of Trust and Psychological Safety within teams

14 min

‘Friends’ and conflict styles

4 min

Chapter II

15 Ways to Give Negative Feedback, Positively

by Jeremy Sutton

A short read on ‘Giving Effective Feedback'

by Harvard Business Review

Behavioral Preferences

by Kevin Kruse

Giving feedback

by Leading Effectively Staff

Chapter III

How to build a feedback culture

4 min
by Kristin Ryba

How to give negative feedback in the workplace

7 min

The background and history of DiSC

8 min

The secret to giving great feedback

by TED

Chapter III

What is DiSC

Chapter III

Appreciation in the Workplace

5 min
by Amy Blaschka

Coaching Leadership

30 min
by Herminia Ibarra and Anne Scoular

Coaching Sessions


by Sabina Nawaz

Chapter IV

GROW Coach Model

by John Polemis

Giving Feedback

5 min
by TED

How to build trust with the people you lead

by Betsy Allen Manning

Lencioni’s approach to building high performing teams

7 min
by Jessica Zartler

Chapter IV

Thanks for the Feedback

by Douglas Stone, Sheila Heen

The 5 Dysfunctions of Team

2 min
by Patrick Lencioni

The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team

by Leena

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team and How to Overcome Them

30 min
by Amy Climer

Chapter IV

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